The Rubber Hits the Road

June 10, 2021
June 10, 2021 Shevonne

The Rubber Hits the Road

So, now it’s my turn to post something on our blog!

Today was the day our “rubber hit the road.”  On a bright and sunny morning, with the temperature at about 50 degrees, we set off at 8:10 AM from the corner of Alaskan Way and Marion Street on the Seattle waterfront, the start of our long adventure. How appropriate, with my decades of experience in construction project management, that the whole area around the start of the trail is under construction!  Better yet, it was a construction worker in a hardhat who agreed to shoot our “sendoff” photo. Many of you know Shevonne fell for me because I wore a hardhat when she met me.

The 44-mile trip to Issaquah was awesome! We rode along Seattle’s waterfront on Puget Sound, which was loaded with container ships headed into this country’s fourth busiest seaport.  We went through the Port of Seattle, the huge BNSF rail yards, rode over an historic bridge and through the University of Washington.  We also rode along two large and beautiful lakes and followed the Sammamish River for several miles. The entire ride today was along rail trails or designated bike lanes.  Seattle and neighboring King County have built cycling trails throughout the area; they crisscross everywhere.  And they are heavily used!

The stuffed bike bags continue to generate friendly conversations. When fellow cyclists ask us where we are going, their jaws drop when we answer. We also got a great tip from a cyclist who directed us to a fine Indian restaurant. Other highlights of the day included saying “Congratulations!” to a young lady in her graduation cap and gown getting her photos taken next to the river, learning some of the history around Lake Sammamish, watching some women practice sculling along the Seattle Ship Canal and discovering that there’s a large effort to restore salmon in the local lakes and rivers.

After two nights in the Hyatt Hotel in Seattle, we are spending the night in a Motel 6 in Issaquah. Within minutes of our arrival, the Issaquah Police were scoping the joint in front of our window, talking with a very upset young woman and her baby and laying down the law with the motel’s manager. Curious, Shevonne asked one of the police officers if we were going to be safe. He reminded us that we are staying in a Motel 6 and stupid things happen here.  Well, at least they left the lights on for us!

Follow us as we keep on spinning.

Pat and Shevonne





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  1. Bobby-Jo H Salls

    And you’re off!! Thanks for the fun ride along post. Stay safe out there! Truly love reading your updates 😊😊😊

  2. Sue Zekas

    Great ending line Pat about Motel 6 and leaving the lights on- too funny! Glad you survived Motel 6 – harder than surviving the biking

    Thanks for the updates this is awesome

  3. Nancy Wilson

    Hi it’s Nancy from SRC. I’m really enjoying reading about your trip. Have an amazing time and fun silky afventures

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